June 19, 2019

Myth #1: Recycling helps get rid of plastic.
No it doesn’t help because most of the plastic that you think are being recycled are actually thrown into the ocean, buried deep in the ground and maybe dumped in another country. Also, there are many kinds of plastics that can’t be recycled like plastic toothbrushes.
Myth #2: Ocean pollution can harm humans.
When plastics are thrown into the ocean, they never go away. They are instead broken down into microplastics with the help of salt water and sun. These microplastics can be eaten by fish and if we eat these fish then we can also ingest microplastics.
Myth 3: Biodegradable Plastics
Some say that biodegradable plastic is the next best thing that can help our oceans. Well, the truth is it degrades in a very long time but that’s just it. It just degrades into smaller pieces. It isn’t biodegradable like bamboo toothbrushes.

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