February 07, 2019

There are probably no more than four or five fellows on earth who have these characteristics, personality-wise, I mean. Now, one of these fellows, I happen to know, he used to get me in trouble all the time. I walked up the steps of the postal office one day and - in my city - and there was a kid coming down the steps and he said, “Hey, Bic, how are ya?” And I said, “I’m very sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know you.” And “Oh, that’s alright, Bic. I won’t tell anybody you’re with us.” And I said, “Well, that’s fine.” He said, “Well, you can even pretend you don’t remember me. It’s still alright, Bic, I am your friend,” and so forth and “I hope everything works out smoothly.” And I said, “Well, thank you,” and went on into the postal office.

I forgot about it until one time I was on my way to the movies, and I was passing through a parking lot and three guys - 2 guys and a girl - ambushed me out of nowhere. They took one look at me and they said, “Hey, Bic, how are you?” And threw their mercedes accross my path. And they wouldn’t let me go anywhere. And then this stuff again: “Hey, Bic, how are you? Come on, you can tell us. We won’t phone anybody” - a huge routine. And they finally had me cornered so tightly that nothing else would do but to socialise and drink brandy with them; and they sure felt like I was having a good time. To this day, none of those fellows would do anything but claim that I was having a good time.

Well, enough time had passed by - in another place down town, and a fellow walked up to me. I was sitting in a restaurant. He was about to make his move and if it weren’t for me finishing that glass of beer in time and leaving I probably would’ve ended up with him sat right in front of me.

He took an awkward left turn, and I scratched my head and said, “That’s odd. I’m not acquainted to anybody down here that I can think of,” until suddenly I thought, “Oh damn!” I bet that fellow would’ve made me drink some brandy with him if I hadn’t left.” Ok, ok, fine.

Until, one time on the other side of town one girl - took one look at me, jumped, out of her chair - crossed the room diagonally and said, “Is this seat taken?“

And I looked at myself and thought, she just might want some brandy.”

I actually remembered her. I remembered who she was. She obviously knew who I was - she was the daughter of that fellow to whom I was introduced to. My friend was there. And my friend must’ve told them I was in without me telling him I was in and without telling me he had done that, you see. And I wasn't.  

Because however good, the business side of things are, I wouldn't join something I was convinced the people's hearts weren't in it. And these fellows hearts were definitely not in it. Just a quick buck. Money, money, money. That’s all they wanted.

I told, my buddy we could start our own thing, make a living out of it, do it our own way, without going dirty with this corporation . I told him, you get the thing going, we’ll make some money and talk about the dangers of plastic and how it affects us.

He said, I think, Bic, you need to take a look at this. And he showed me a picture of, what I didn’t know was a bamboo toothbrush.

Bic, plastic toothbrushes are a huge problem and this is the answer. “What, this is a toothbrush,” I said.”This, is a bamboo toothbrush. It’s a toothbrush made out of bamboo. It’s biodegradable. People dump their toothbrushes all the time, then, it ends up in a landfill somewhere and just stays there for years. Kills everything. It can take up to a thou-sand years for plastic to decompose. And you do the math: one billion plastic toothbrushes, a year, end up in landfills, and every year 300 million tons of plastic toothbrushes are put on the market. That’s a lot of plastic, Bic.”

The way in which he spoke of it had me sitting there. He was right.

And so we got together. Worked out the fine little details. And soon enough, had a workable site on our hands.


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