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It’s no secret to tell somebody that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had an affair, continued that affair, and eventually got married and had kids together.  

Unfortunately, after a few years of that, they finally decided they had had enough of it - and ended it, in 2017.


And, as things usually are in these things, Brad and Angelina, for a while, absolutely hated each other, couldn’t see eye to eye. In court, absolutely hammered each other. One said, "I want this," the other, "I should have that." These are my kids, these are my kids too, and so on.

Until back track kaboum they each got what they were after, and settled it, in 2017.


While everything went out fine, ever since. Brad left the marriage not too well. He had lost a piece of his wallet, and that left him on the thought curve.  


So Brad, nice fellow. He likes to drink a bit too much and smoke a bit too often. While, that’s not the worst thing in the world (Everybody has vices). He said - his habits, helped him cope - with feelings. Smokescreen, you see.

He used marijuana and alcohol to hide feelings he didn’t want to face, and what the divorce brought out made it impossible to bring back down again.


It’s often the case, you know. You live things, that bring out what you repressed, but you can’t get back to old habits to repress them, so you have to live them.


And you stay there, and you confront them, and say, I’m not afraid of you; you can’t hurt me.

And, eventually they go their own way. They go their own way.


By convincing yourself, that something cannot cause you harm you remove that power of that said thing over you. In other words your demons take the driver’s seat, as soon as you somewhere inside yourself believe they make adequate drivers. 


For Brad, the difficulty resided in looking at his weaknesses honestly and saying, this, and that; and this, and that are my fault and I’m owning this side of the street.

These are my failures, and I take full ownership of them. Now Brad keeps his days busy sculpting, seeing his therapist on whatever day that is and taking a good look at himself.


A funny thing with Pitt: he started to listen to Frank Ocean (He had it on repeat), as well as some Marvin Gaye, and similar stuff, and some other stuff; and he also kept coming back to a story about a mother he met in Africa, she had lost nine of her family members but still had a smile like you wouldn’t believe, joyously, she laughed her lungs out, definitely a lesson for a star with a victim frame of mind. Now, the funny thing is that very rarely - ve-ry rarely - will you get somebody interested in others, or nature, or saving wildlife who hasn’t himself experienced a great deal of heartache. Let me state this, the likelyhood of seeing the version of Brad Pitt you see before you would be extremely remote had it not been for past experiences to push him down the scale of emotions. You see, this?


People care as long as it affects them: that’s the sad truth, unfortunately.

And our superstar got into stirring exotic tea with bamboo brushes only recently. He doesn’t use a blender, no sir; he sprinkles deliberately some green powder into a cup with a sifter, then, pours in the boiling water, and whisks it with a bamboo brush until the liquid is a harlequin froth.

But think of how many things have had to happen to Brad Pitt for him to get to that point. He sprinkles green powder in a cup with a sifter, and pours boiling water, and whisks the thing with a bamboo brush until the right amount of foaming. 

Well I ask you, how likely is it Brad Pitt did that before his marriage with Angelina? And if he did, probably not as thoroughly, or carefully as he does now. 


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