Farmers make a move against plastics

July 02, 2019

A woman in a sunhat and a man in a cap pick up large sheets of plastic.

The agriculture industry of Australia has a recycling rate of 5.2% even though they use a lot of plastic. Plastic is a versatile tool on farms, ranging from storing chemicals and transporting water to controlling weeds and protecting crops.

Plastic wastes are often buried on farms or burned. The burning of plastic can also distribute to greenhouse gases.

Recyclers say that Australia has been ‘lazy’ about developing end products for plastic waste. But recently, Victoria has banned single-use plastic and this is a stepping stone for Australia’s fight against plastic pollution.

Farmers across the country are finding creative ways to recycle plastics into products such as fence posts. They feel bad for burying the plastics on farms so they made their move into finding ways to reuse and reduce plastic.

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