June 23, 2019

To educate pupils of Ysgol Wdig in Pembrokeshire about plastic pollution, this elementary school pollutes a swimming pool. They threw various plastics into the people to see the reaction of the children about this pollution in their pool.
The pupils were shocked when they discovered that their pool was in such a state when the turned up for their swimming lesson at their local leisure center. Miss Davies came from the idea that she saw in a post in social media from a school in Africa. The pupils were asked to collect 10 days worth of single-use plastic but had no idea what it was for. The demonstration was kept a secret from the student in order to see the reaction of the children.
Miss Davies knew that the demonstration had the desired effect when she saw the look of shock and disbelief in the children’s face when they appeared in their swimming attire, ready for their swimming lesson. And of course, they all got into the pool for a ‘pool clean-up’ where they experienced what it’s like for marine life to live amongst the plastic pollution, as part of their lesson. The demonstration had a huge impact on the pupils since they even wrote letters addressed to David Attenborough.
Ysgol Wdig shared images of their plastic-polluted pool on social media and have since received hundreds of shares and responses, with schools across Wales taking inspiration from their demonstration.

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