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As time passes, society is moving forward to a more advanced way of living. Our population is slowly increasing, which also means an increase in the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. In Australia alone, we go through 6.9 billion plastic bags each year- if you tied each plastic bag end to end it could wrap around the world. According to the Ocean Crusades, the Australian Government spends more than $4 million each year to clean up discarded plastic bags. But the financial cost isn't the only cost. When plastic bags end up in the ocean, they can be deadly.

This is an image of a beach in Australia. On the left shows a pristine, enticing beach; while on the right, we see the same beach but with significantly more plastic waste littering the sand. This plastic waste has been washed down stormwater drains during heavy rains, and spouted out of the drains when they meet a waterway. The waterways flow down towards the ocean and the rubbish ends up in there, with some of it being swallowed by marine animals, and some of it washing up along what was a pristine and enticing beach.

Imagine a sea turtle, swimming in the ocean, looking for its favourite snack, jellyfish. To a sea turtle, plastic bags floating in the ocean look just like a jellyfish and they really can't tell the difference. Once the sea turtle swallows the plastic bag, it stays in its stomach, unable to be digested. Eventually, the sea turtle will be unable to digest any food and it will die.

But sea turtles are not the only ones affected.

Whales are also known to eat floating plastics. These sperm whales were found washed up on the shores of a German beach with their stomachs full of plastics and car parts. When marine animals unknowingly consume floating plastic rubbish, they almost always die a slow and painful death.

With plastic pollution and micro plastics entering our waterways and oceans at record levels, many people are turning to longer lasting, sustainable alternatives to every day and single-use plastics. Items such as stainless steel water bottles, stainless steel clothes pegs, stainless steel lunch boxes, bamboo cutlery and bamboo toothbrushes.

These sustainable products last longer and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. They can decrease overall the amount of plastic we are sending to landfill, as well as the amount of plastic that ends up getting washed into our oceans.

The image above is of a seal with plastic wrapped around its neck.

 Every plastic toothbrush is non recyclable and all are destined for landfill, with some even ending up in the oceans. Bamboo Brush offers an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. The bamboo used in our toothbrushes is sustainably sourced, and after the toothbrush is ready to be replaced, you can remove the bristles and compost the handle. with bristles made from Nylon 6 and it’s the only 100% biodegradable nylon in certain conditions. 

We have a range of different bamboo brushes available, and we ship them right to your door.

These bamboo brushes are organic and wild. Their supplier is certificated with FSC meaning that it's sourced in a sustainable way. What’s great about their supply of bamboo is that this type of bamboo is not eaten by the pandas and the areas on which they harvest these bamboos are not lived in with any animals.  

Their bristles are made from Nylon 6 and it’s the only 100% biodegradable nylon in a certain condition. After you’ve used this bamboo brush, you just need to separate the bristle from the brush and throw it to the biodegradable trash can.

These bamboo brushes come in many different packs, there are family packs, there are colored ones and there are also custom packs that you can order online.

People from Canada and Australia are mostly ordering them right now, so when are you going to order? I bet the colored ones can make your bathroom more colorful and lively. There are also soft bristled ones that have charcoal infused in them so you can really whiten you smile more.

You can visit the website bamboobrush.co to order these right now.  They provide good customer service and free shipping! So what are you waiting for?

If plastics are costing government money just to lessen the plastics in the ocean, then it shouldn’t be a problem to help the government by buying an alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Bamboo brushes are a great help to the environment, to the animals and to you. I think it’s time to start using alternatives since we only have 12 years at most before our own planet dies.








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