June 03, 2019

A vegan is a follower of a diet or a philosophy that consumes or uses anything that may bring harm to animals and our planet. We mostly know that vegans do not eat meat because of their deep compassion for animals. Vegans also turn to use eco-friendly products that can help our planet and lessen the plastics, which is why vegans love bamboo toothbrushes.

So why do they love bamboo toothbrushes?


All of the bamboo toothbrushes can’t harm aquatic animals, unlike plastic toothbrushes. The plastic toothbrush that you used when you were a kid actually still exists to this day. More than 8 million tons of plastic thrown into our oceans yearly and more marine animals are dying because of it.

Zero Waste

Vegans are passionate when it comes to caring for Mother Nature and bamboo toothbrushes are their partner when it comes to cleaning their teeth with zero-waste. Bamboo toothbrushes made of materials such as moso bamboos can easily degrade in just a few months.

Plant-based product

Did you know that bamboo is technically grass? Bamboo toothbrush is plant-based since the bristles aren’t made of pig hair. I mean, there are bamboo toothbrushes that used pig hair, but they don’t really clean teeth and it’s kind of gross don’t you think?


One of the biggest lies is recycling. You think that you’re doing good by recycling but the truth is it’s either getting buried deep in the ground or shipped to Malaysia. Using bamboo toothbrushes not only ensures it won’t be floating in the ocean like plastic toothbrushes, but it will also guarantee that bamboo toothbrush will degrade, wherever it will end up, may it be in Malaysia or Philippines.


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