Bamboo Brush With Bamboo Case For children

We make our products with MOSO bamboo, a species of bamboo known for its fast-growing ability, high yield per hectare, and no need for fertiliser.
Bamboo Brush toothbrushes are as effective and long-lasting as plastic toothbrushes. 

  • These toothbrushes are specially designed for children, with flexible bristles for pleasant and efficient brushing.
  • 100% organic and antibacterial.
  • Bamboo Brush toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable: the bristles, the handle, the packing and the box.
  • Vegan. BPA free bristles
  • Coloured with natural biodegradable dyes.
  • Our box is unbleached cardboard, manufactured without any adhesive tape or glues, so easily recycled or composted.